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I am a self-taught artist

My art is motivated by the things that move me past the place where I can find words to express. Where my words end, is where my art begins.

I draw from life experiences. I love to express subjects in the wider world that stand out to me, or truths that captivate my mind.

When I paint, I use whatever I can to render the narrative. Projectors, stencils, house paint, even paint stripper to create artistic crevices, which I fill with mixtures of paint and coloured resins, applied upon glass, tin, board or canvas surfaces. I love to use combinations of conventional and unconventional artistry to produce each layer of the artwork, which I digitally assemble to form the finished painting.

I have been a closet-artist for over 20 years, amassing more than 500 previously unseen pieces. My wife, Sheena, has kept impressing upon me that other people might also enjoy viewing my works… Hence this unveiling of a sample of my work.