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Canival of friends

1,500 x 2,678mm

A celebration of all the friends in life.

The intertwining of relationships.
Shaped by all the colourful characters of every special person throughout the years;
Where relationships are built upon relationships within the spirals of life;
Producing an endless weaving of different lives into each other;
Circles within circles of friends going one way and another;
Vast arrays of happiness and delight;
All created by chance;
A carnival of friends.

Long live the carnival

The anatomy of the art:
There is no painted boarder to the picture – meaning the story is infinite;
The carnival “as a whole” is without any deliberate design – while the different patterns represent people being brought together in ways that are attractive to each of them.

The different shapes, sizes and colours – all portray the variety of characters of the carnival:

Green represents the more alternative and planet conscious people;
The reds are the tough and the brave;
The blue are those who are kind and caring;
Purples are the great couples;
Yellows are the bright, happy-makers and fun-lovers;
The deeper golds represent enjoyable money-making companions.
The white are the wise and knowledgeable.
The pale pinks are the girly-girls and the oranges are young men;
While the darker shades of any colour are the more mature.

Black based colours represent those who are the loners, often a little mysterious, who like to sit in the shadows out of the limelight – being more personal and private, many of them are not known to the rest of the carnival.
While the brighter shades of each colour depict those who are the great inspirers and sharers of everything they have – they are popular, open and highly interactive.
Everyone has a special place in the carnival.

This is my carnival.
I believe at the end of the day, all a person has is their carnival;
And the special parts that they play in other people’s carnivals.
And maybe, just maybe, all we are is carnival makers
: )


Mars courts Venus

1,200 x 1,500mm

Finding the love of your life

Red coming in from afar;
Facing the possibility of rejection;
Flying towards the unknown;
How to approach someone as great as Blue?

Anticipation leads to excitement;
Excitement rolls into bravery;
Only to have bravery open up vulnerability;
But unable to bear turning back.

Now driven past belief;
Left with nothing but to thrust through uncertainty;
To the place where there is only yes or no;
Fully exposed reaching out for yes.

And, Oh Wow!
The thrill of “YES”.

The anatomy of the art:
The painting is surrounded by a substantial dark border, representing the real uncertainty that the entire experience takes place in.

The unfathomable size of Blue is Red’s awe of Blue.

Red’s vibrant shades of red are the excitement, bravery and vulnerability of love’s pursuer;
Red’s hopes are the white rays bursting through the top and sides of the large dark borders;
The white brush strokes across the top are all the achievements, proud points, smarts, sincerity, and likeable attributes that Red sails under;
The dark pieces floating up, threatening some of the white areas, are Red’s uncomfortable periods of awkwardness;
While the darker parts kept well below are all the self-conscious shortcomings;
And at the bottom are the most sensitive parts of Red’s past.
However, the unseen full circle of Blue goes deeper than any of Red’s insecurities.

Blue’s blue is the love and care that Red finds attractive, which woo’s Red;
Blue’s hidden centre is Red’s inability to comprehend where Blue’s love and care springs from;
And the intensity of Blue’s leading edge is the surety of Blue’s love and care, which further woo’s Red;
The more that Red beholds Blue, the bigger and brighter Blue becomes in the eyes of Red.

And if I had never got a “YES” this painting would never have existed…