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Edges of wisdom

1,500 x 2,250mm

The first sight of wisdom is our first sight of ourselves becoming truly great.

Deep in the forest, above a waterfall;
A waterfall hidden behind rising mist;
Through which the bright sun shines;
On the edge, there stands a bushman’s hut;
At the foot of a mighty mountain.
There is where I received my first great lesson of wisdom from my father;
which was:
Everything starts as a soft misty colored idea;
Which then is planned carefully in the house of wisdom;
Above which, things become real bright, brilliant;
But then, as always, beside the house of wisdom;
There is that steep mountain called, "Doing".

After standing in a good place to view and learn the lesson;
We spent the rest of that day talking in the house of wisdom;
And the next day we climbed to the top of the mountain.


1,500 x 1,500mm

The warm grassy knoll. The meeting ground of family generations. The childhood place that speaks tranquillity of mind.

Deep within ourselves;
Framed within everything that we know;
Surrounded by the dark valleys of our great unknowns;
In amongst the wild shapes and sharp corners where fears meet;
Is safely nestled our tranquillity;

Sea set

1,500 x 2,000mm

When late in the evening lullings;
A brilliant sky bathes itself in the sea;
And the land looks like it has fallen asleep;
Then is when we love the reflection of influence;
All shaped by its surrounds.

Which then begs us to question;
Throughout a day what is it that we see;
When we behold that which is underfoot;
Or that which is spanning overhead;
As to where the below begins;
And the above ends.

Making me wonder;
When I look at you;
And you look at me;
Who do we really see.
Are you sky or sea;
Then, who is me?

The sun's trail into the night

1,500 x 1,500mm

A childhood view of how every day the sun's light creates a day that we have fun in.

Its brightness frames our day;
Then across the sea it goes;
Into the night it disappears.
Yet, each day continues to live on;
Shining bright in each of us;
Framed in bright fond memories.