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Lovers - out, running for fun

1,500 x 2,665mm

I Love You So Much

1,500 x 2,665mm

Kindness Changes Everything

1,500 x 2,665mm

Never Ever Give Up

1,500 x 2,665mm

Righteousness turns and confronts evil

1,500 x 3,300mm

I have put this up just to test colors online ...

Two of Five

When I painted this painting - I did it five different ways...
Here are two of them.
Tell me which one you like : )

Experimenting with Silver Editions

Experimenting with Silver Editions
I am thinking for certain prints of my paintings, like this one, I will offer a "Silver Edition" (well: Black, Silver and White) as well as the Colour Edition.

Please let me know what you think?

Cheers Arthur