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Racing the storm

1,500 x 2,665mm

Racing against the never ending storm, every day we face the list of things we have to get done in our life, often causing us to race against time itself.

Body flushed, nostrils flared, mind whittled;
Everything focused along a long line of deadlines, scheduled.

No time to rest, got to keep up with all that my life presents;
Racing against time, I face my storm of pressing events.

Overhead, fears of being late are looming, disastrously;
But with hope, I see beyond all my vulnerability.

Enabling me to peer through just enough to see;
My bright shining dream of being free.

Hence, I run willingly;
Hard, and endlessly.

Fallen emotions hidden in faraway places

1,200 x 2,400mm

Deep within a one's mind are all the things that happened in their life, with the saddest moments hidden far away, covered from view, behind a bright friendly face.

In a faraway lonely place
Far enough never to be seen;

Resides one’s autumn days
Kept private, deep within one’s being;

There, at times, one stands alone, unseen
Face in hands, dying;

Like a shadow-filled, deep-rooted tree
Based with leaves, fallen crying;

But all hidden behind a shining veil
Fronting with a face bright ’n glowing;

Meeting and enjoying everyone
With heart smiling;



1,200 x 2,400mm

As often said, every person is unique in their achievements, each having their own expressions of excellence.

Standing between the earth and the sky;
Rising out of each of us;
Come our greatest achievements;
Worthy points of magnificence;
Befitting for all to see;
There is none like you;
Or any one of we.

Running the winning line

1,500 x 2,665mm

There are those wonderful moments in life when you are like a great Dark Horse that runs way out in front, no one believing that it could be done. Oh the exhilaration!

Cast against the bright surrounds of inspired certainty;
All are in doubt, except for me, determinedly;
Thus, I run alone, courageously;
I am in the moment, owning it, definitely;
I set my pace, enabling me to run, endlessly;
With everything falling into place, miraculously;
Along that straight line I've created, called invincibility.

Spared from loneliness

1,500 x 1,500mm

Like attracts like, thank goodness...

As we move through the major transitions in life;
We confront vast, dark worlds, full of strangers;
A sea of people, we feel helpless to approach;
From where come those easily attracted to us;
Appearing as lovely rays of warm light;
Attaching themselves unto us, smiling;
One by one, forming new groups of friends;
Thus, we can relax and shine, brightly.

Inventing our own wheel of life

1,500 x 1,500mm

Whenever we enjoy life, we create and share happiness with each other

Under the clear skies of our wisdom;
Above our worlds unknown;
We create the wheel of our own life;
Spinning to our heart's speed;
Causing our heart’s treasures and delights;
To fly out to those who are near and dear;
And likewise theirs fly in return;
Thus, we create and enjoy each other’s happiness;
All flying around, back and forth.
Wow, so much fun.

The emotional foundry

1,500 x 2,120mm

Although, we may never get to use all of our brain’s power; we have always used all of our heart’s power. Even as little children, from day one, moment by moment, we employed all of our emotional power. Then, could it be that we all live a life founded upon that which is in our heart and not within our brain?

Deep in the core of our heart;
Surrounded by all that is clear to us;
Within the fiery chambers of our life;
Resides our emotional foundry;
The place where all of our emotions are forged;
Making us into who we are.


1,200 x 2,400mm

Brave and resolute are they that hold to what they believe to be right, against us.

Uprooted from the center, am I;
Pushed to one side;
Cast upside down, am I;
Unable to be enjoyed;
Yet still, strong I stand, I do.

Banished forever, am I;
Veiled from bright reasons;
Unable to be reconciled, am I;
Denied any advocates;
Yet still, I smile, I do.


1,500 x 2,660mm

Once loved, always loved - it can never be broken.

Built upon all that was hoped;
Displayed in all that had to come about;
In two worlds, split far apart;
Stands our abandoned love.

But still, at special times, I feel you in me;
And that always makes me smile;
Whenever I astonish myself, beyond belief;
Then I think of you seeing me, proudly.

Every day, I wonder how it is for you;
having to stand without me, looking out;
Do you miss me, like I miss you;
Can you feel me, like I feel you.

Can you feel my love for you;
In amongst the silence of your mind;
Like I feel for you, in the silence of mine;
And I always will.

Lovers ...out running for fun

1,500 x 2,665mm

I love watching you run;
I laugh at myself showing off to you.
I am going to catch you;
I love teasing you to chase me.
I chase you with smiles in my heart;
I long to be caught by you.

Running on fun we never tire;
Sharing one horizon.
Hearing each other’s steps and laughter;
Above our own.
Embracing every moment;
Together we feel complete.

These are our hearts out running;
Free and in love forever.